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If I...

1996 | soprano/piano or mezzo-soprano/piano version; contralto/piano version in progress

Poem by Emily Dickinson

Song 4 of Four Dickinson Songs

Also see Bruce Rosenblum's choral arrangement of this piece.

Listen to Lori Laitman and Jennifer Holbrook perform "If I...".


Some newer editions may already have these corrections.

  • You can push the tempo from m. 1 into m. 2 if you like.
  • in the piano solo from m. 22 - 30, the melody should be brought out, and the pianist should relax the tempo from the pickup to m. 28 until the downbeat of m. 30.
  • from m. 38-39, there can be a slight broadening.
  • In newer versions I am much more specific regarding pedal markings. If you'd like a complete listing, please email me. Otherwise, the most important detail is to hold the piano pedal down for the last 2 measures of the song, so that the low E flat sound remains.