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Men with Small Heads

2000 | countertenor, mezzo-soprano or baritone/piano

Poem by Thomas Lux

Song 1 of Men with Small Heads

Commissioned by Dr. Adelaide Whitaker.

The song “Men with Small Heads” won “Best American Art Song” in the 2004 American Art Song Competition sponsored by the San Francisco Song Festival.

Click here to see a performance of this song by baritone Andrew Garland and pianist Donna Loewy on YouTube.


Some newer editions may already have these corrections.

  • m. 6, in the voice part, there should be an accent on the first syllable of "everywhere."
  • m. 29, the tempo marking should be rubato. The poco a poco accel. should start in m. 31.
  • m. 49, in the voice part, it is fine to go directly from the word "dreams" to "perhaps," without a rest.