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Not for Burning

2001, rev. 2017 | soprano or mezzo-soprano/alto saxophone. Also available with clarinet accompaniment.

Poem by Joyce Sutphen

Song 3 of Living in the Body

Conversion for mezzo-soprano

  • m. 22 instead of high B flat, sing a D flat a 6th down
  • m. 23, first note - instead of a G flat, sing a B flat a 3rd down
  • m. 30 and 31, option sing down a octave
  • m. 32 sing a D instead of a G, leave the E in m. 33
  • m. 40 instead of G flat, sing a B flat
  • m. 59 instead of F sharp D B, sing D B B
  • end of m. 66 last note - instead of G flat, sing the same A flat pitch
  • m. 68, last note, sing a B flat instead of the G flat
  • m. 69 instead of a half note F, sing two quarter melisma, C going down to an F
  • m. 70 last note, stay on the A flat instead of singing an F
  • m. 72 get rid of the high B. Instead, on beat 2, sing an E going up to an F sharp in eighths and then stay on the F sharp until the G sharp as written at the end of the measure.