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If I...

1996 | soprano/piano or mezzo-soprano/piano version; contralto or countertenor/piano versions in progress

2014 | baritone/clarinet/piano

Poem by Emily Dickinson

Song 4 of Four Dickinson Songs

Solo song re-edited in March 2019 — new edition now available for PDF download.

To purchase sheet music for the soprano and piano version, click here. To purchase the recording with soprano Jennifer Check and pianist Warren Jones, please click here

To purchase sheet music for the mezzo-soprano and piano version, clidk here.

A new arrangement for baritone, clarinet and piano was created in 2014, and sheet music is available for purchase by clicking here.

To purchase the recording with baritone Randall Scarlata, clarinetist Anthony McGill and composer at the piano, click here




Also see Bruce Rosenblum's choral arrangement of this piece.

Listen to Lori Laitman and Jennifer Holbrook perform "If I...".


Some newer editions may already have these corrections.

  • You can push the tempo from m. 1 into m. 2 if you like.
  • in the piano solo from m. 22 - 30, the melody should be brought out, and the pianist should relax the tempo from the pickup to m. 28 until the downbeat of m. 30.
  • from m. 38-39, there can be a slight broadening.
  • In newer versions I am much more specific regarding pedal markings. If you'd like a complete listing, please email me. Otherwise, the most important detail is to hold the piano pedal down for the last 2 measures of the song, so that the low E flat sound remains.