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Song cycle: The Polishers of Brass; Books; The Struggle.

2002, revised in 2004, 2007 and 2008 | soprano/trumpet

Poems by Toi Derricotte, approximately 7 minutes.

Originally 5 settings: The Minks; The Struggle; Books; The Polishers of Brass; The Weakness

Revised again in 2007 into 2 separate cycles. Published in June 2008, as Captivity, with 3 songs as shown above. The other 2 songs will be reworked with piano and published at a later date.



2011, revised in 2013| SSA and piano

Poem by Dick Davis, approximately 4 1/2 minutes long.

Commissioned by The Randolph College Chorale, under the direction of Randall Speer. Premiered on April 28, 2011, in the Wimberly Recital Hall, Randolph College, Lynchburg, Virginia.



2017 | soprano/clarinet
Poem by Nelly Sachs
Song 3 of The Secret Exit

Commissioned by The University of Alabama at Birmingham for soprano Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk and clarinetist Denise Gainey. Premiere slated for January 26, 2018 at Temple Emanu-El in Birmingham, AL.


Come to Me in Dreams

2004 | A One-Act Chamber Opera
50 minute opera created from my songs by Cleveland Opera’s David Bamberger. Premiered at The Ohio Theatre June 9-12. 2004, Cleveland, Ohio. Cast:  Sanford Sylvan, Fenlon Lamb, Megan Tillmann and Sara Renea Rucker; instrumentalists Judith Ryder, Maximilian Dimoff and Paul Cohen.



Come To The Devil’s Fire — Mistress Hibbons’ (The Witch) aria

2008, rev. 2016, final aria revisions 2018) mezzo-soprano/piano

From The Scarlet Letter

Libretto by David Mason

Act One, Scene Four of The Scarlet Letter finds Arthur Dimmesdale sharing rooms with Roger Chillingworth, who has come to suspect Dimmesdale of adultery. Chillingworth leaves to attend to the dying governor, and when Dimmesdale awakes from a drug- induced sleep he wanders alone out into the streets, tortured by his own guilt. There he meets Mistress Hibbons, who sees the hypocrisy in the young minister, sees that he has hidden behind his pious image and even distanced himself from his own identity. In this song she taunts the minister—a sort of grotesque mirror of his guilt. — David Mason


This aria is for sale with the following options:

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PDF copy available through MusicaNeo. Click here to purchase.


Cradle Song for Asher



2001, rev. 2017 | soprano or mezzo-soprano/alto saxophone. Also available with clarinet accompaniment.

Poem by Joyce Sutphen

Song 6 of Living in the Body

To watch mezzo-soprano Karyn Friedman and saxophonist Gary Louie performing this song, please click here


Curriculum Vitae

2003 | high voice and piano; [in progress] high voice with chamber orchestra

Poem by Dana Gioia.

Song 3 of cycle Becoming a Redwood.

To purchase Barbara Quintiliani and Lori Laitman performing this song, please click here


Dark Spring

Song cycle: The Flower On The Mountainside; The Spirit; Scissors, Don’t Cut Away; You Know This

2011 | tenor/piano

Four songs, setting Motets I, XVI, XI and XVIII by Eugenio Montale, in translation by Dana Gioia.

Composed for the British tenor Chris Elliott and the Fondazione Spinola in Genoa, Italy, in honor of Dana Gioia's 60th birthday.



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