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City Lyric Opera presents music of Lori Laitman on their Salon Series, March 6, 2019 

City Lyric Opera presented a recital of Lori Laitman songs at the home of Beth and Larry Lenke on the evening of March 6, 2019 in New York City. In the days leading to the recital, Lori coached all the young performers, giving them first-hand insight into each of the compositions. A review of the evening appeared on the Voce di Meche blog: 

Regular readers will recall how disdainful we are of contemporary American song that utilizes boring text and cannot seem to come up with a pleasing melody. We were delighted to have our prejudice exploded, at least for one contemporary American composer by the name of Lori Laitman who was present at the salon and received all the accolades that her work merits.

With scintillating soprano Cristina Maria Castro taking the soprano part and the vivacious Ms. Spencer herself taking the mezzo-soprano part, we thoroughly enjoyed "I am in need of music" with text by Elizabeth Bishop from the poem "Sonnet" written in 1929. The text flowed and so did the music. The two voices intertwined in gorgeous overlapping phrases; we were enthralled."


The Ocean of Eternity premiere now online

The Ocean of Eternity, my song cycle to the poetry of Anne Ranasinghe, premiered February 9, 2019 at the National Opera Center, with soprano Yungee Rhie, saxophonist Michael Couper and pianist ChoEun Lee (all of whom commissioned the work).

Video of the premiere is available by clicking here. I say a few words about the piece at 50:40 and the performance starts at 54:54.

songSLAM in Chicago April 14, 2019 - Hosted by Lori Laitman

songSLAM is an art song composition competition created by Sparks & Wiry Cries. 

The Fourth Coast Ensemble will be presenting this event at The Promontory in Chicago at 6 pm, with Lori as the EmCee. Ten composer/singer/pianist teams will present a new art song to compete to win $2000 in prize money.

During the deliberations, the Ensemble will perform a selection of Lori's songs, accompanied by pianists Lori Laitman and Shane McFadden. Tickets are $15 and $25, and are available for purchase here.


Journey for violin and piano now available on MusicaNeo

Journey started out as a song with words — and the original poem was about a slave mother's harsh reality as she traveled on a slave boat from Africa. Due to a misunderstanding with the poet, permission to set the poem was withdrawn. I first reworked the song as a solo for saxophone with piano - and later created a new version for violin and piano. Violinist Tarn Travers and pianist Amanda Hopson premiered the new arrangement on November 8, 2018 on the Faculty Select Series at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. 
PDFs are available through my MusicaNeo site and can be purchased by clicking here

Live stream of Premiere of "The Ocean of Eternity" — February 9, 2019, National Opera Center, 7:30 pm ET

The Ocean of Eternity, my new song cycle for soprano, soprano saxophone and piano, will premiere February 9, 2019 at 7:30 pm at the National Opera Center in New York City.

To watch the live stream, please click here.

The piece was commissioned by soprano Yungee Rhie, saxophonist Michael Couper and pianist ChoEun Lee, and features the beautiful poetry of the late Sri Lankan poet Anne Ranasinghe. To purchase tickets, please click here