The Three Feathers

The Three Feathers is my first children’s opera. It was commissioned by the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech and premiered on October 17, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the Moss Arts Center in Blacksburg, VA.

The story is based on a Grimm’s fairy tale, and is brilliantly retold by librettist Dana Gioia. The opera takes place in two worlds, each a reflection of the other. Dana writes: “The upper world is a kingdom of daylight, reason and reality. The underworld is a kingdom of shadows, dreams and magic. Each world has its king. Each king is surrounded by a court that challenges his rule — rather ruthlessly in the upper world, quite comically in the underworld. Each world has a lead character — Princess Dora in the upper world (since she will bring in the new rule as her father prepares for his own departure), and the Frog King in the underworld. The opera explores how these two kingdoms, which is to say reality and dream, meet and influence one another.”

The production, a collaboration between the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts, Opera Roanoke and the Blacksburg Children's Chorale, was directed by Beth Greenberg and conducted by Scott Williamson. 

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