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The Secret Exit


Song cycleWhat rose out of the white leaves of your bodyWhen in Early SummerChild


2017 | soprano/clarinet


Version for soprano with Eb Alto Saxophone is forthcoming


Poems by Nelly Sachs, duration is approximately 13 minutes


Commissioned by The University of Alabama at Birmingham for soprano Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk and clarinetist Denise Gainey. 


Premiere: January 26, 2018 at Temple Emanu-El in Birmingham, AL 


To purchase the sheet music, please click here




SONG 1: m. 72: If you have an earlier edition, please change the content of m. 72 as follows:


6/8 instead of 5/8

VOICE rhythms: 3 8th notes, 1 quarter, 1 eight to "storm up the stair of"

CLARINET: 8th rest, 8th note on concert C, 8th note on concert Db, quarter note on concert Eb (with the word "storm" and 8th note on concert F